KMR Resource Library

KMR Resource Library

Our team is happy to help guide you through the world of newborns. Learn more about neonatal kittens and Pet-Ag milk replacers and products from our lead nutritionist, Dr. Lauren Reilly, and our customer representative and experienced pet foster, Sam. Be sure to check back often as we’re always adding content to our video library.

Kitten Development & Nutritional Needs

In this Kittens 101 video, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about newborn kittens, including their life stages, nutritional needs and what these sweet furbabies need to grow and thrive.

How to Mix KMR

When it comes to mixing Kitten Milk Replacer, precision is key. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to correctly mix KMR to feed your newborns in this explanatory video.

How to Feed Newborn Kittens

Bottle feeding neonatal kittens can be surprisingly trickly. Discover how to safely feed newborns up to 6 weeks of age with KMR. After every feeding, you’ll also need to help them go to the bathroom too, but that’s for another video. Click here for detailed instruction on kitten stimulation and elimination.

How to Store KMR

You can store KMR in the fridge, freezer or pantry, depending on a few factors. Learn how to do so in both powdered and reconstituted forms in this short video.

Still have questions? No problem! We’re happy to chat. Simply reach out to a Pet-Ag representative here.